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What are the different types of eye lens materials,How do I choose?
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It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so lenses are the life of a pair of glasses, and with myopia you can't live without them. But what we don't know is that there are many types of spectacle lenses, not just the resin ones we know, so what are the materials used for spectacle lenses? Which material is better? Let's find out.



First,What materials are available for spectacle lenses?

1. Resin lenses.

Resin lens is currently we use more of a lens, it is a phenolic structure of the chemical composition of the. Light weight, high temperature resistance, impact resistance is not fragile, broken and no edges, safe, effective in blocking ultraviolet rays, loved by many people who wear glasses.

2, glass lenses.

Glass lens clarity slightly higher than resin, than the other materials of the lens scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, thin lens, optical performance, low price, but bulky and heavy, in addition to fragile.

3, PC lenses.

PC lenses are chemically called polycarbonate, a thermoplastic material, PC lenses are also called "space tablets", "cosmic tablets". pc lenses are strong, not easy to break, impact resistant, so they are also called safety tablets, and are currently the lightest material for glasses lenses, but It is also the lightest material currently used for spectacle lenses, but it is more expensive. In terms of performance, PC lenses are better than resin lenses.

4. AC lenses.

PC lenses and AC lenses are both resin lenses, only their process is different, the difference is that the former is harder, the latter is softer, AC lenses have excellent toughness, light weight, very high transmission rate, good anti-fog.

5. Polarised lenses.

Generally used in sunglasses, is a car family and fishing enthusiasts necessary equipment, can filter out many glare interference, to avoid glare, blinding and other phenomena, but if the lens itself arc bend can not be optical standard refractive state, the polarization effect weakened, affect the image authenticity, and durability is poor.

6, nylon lenses.

Nylon lenses are made of nylon, nylon lenses are very elastic, have excellent optical quality, can resist impact performance, usually used as protective items.



Second, how to choose the best lenses?

1. Know the origin.

Generally, the error of domestic lenses is within 10 degrees, and foreign lenses within 5 degrees, for example, 500 degrees of lenses, domestic lenses may be made between 490 and 510 degrees, foreign lenses are made between 495 and 505 degrees, the difference between the advantages and disadvantages of this error is actually very small and will not have a negative impact on the eyes. But the domestic lenses are cheaper, so when buying lenses should be mainly domestic.

2. Determine the efficacy.

At present the efficacy of the lenses is more, but choose more or anti-blue light lenses, if you choose anti-blue light lenses, generally choose to filter 30% of blue light lenses, can cover off part of the harmful blue light produced by the screen. The filtering effect is between 20% and 30% of the blue light filtering lenses, in appearance and the general lens is difficult to distinguish, but if it is more than 50% of the blue light filtering high efficiency lenses, the appearance will be yellow.

3. Bifocal lenses.

This type of lens only distinguishes between the upper far-seeing zone and the lower near-seeing zone, without the intermediate progressive zone. The advantage is that the field of vision is wider than that of the progressive multifocal lenses, which makes them suitable for people who need to look closer; however, the disadvantage is that there is a clear line of separation in the centre of the lens, which is not suitable for people who value aesthetic appearance; if students want to prevent myopia from deepening and only want to have one pair of glasses, bifocal lenses are better than progressive multifocal lenses because the former have a larger field of vision at close range.

4. Colour-changing lenses.

These lenses turn black in the sunlight, like sunglasses that block strong light from hitting the eyes, and help people who spend a lot of time in the sun, giving their eyes the comfort of soft light and preventing them from being damaged by too much sunlight.



Different lenses also have different effects, generally the lenses are made of resin, and secondly we can just choose the lenses according to our needs. It is also reminded that when choosing lenses, you should choose a regular optician to choose from, so that you can guarantee the quality of the lenses.


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